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Crafting your coin

From the Idea to the Ready Coin – How Your Custom-Made Coin Comes to Life

Custom challenge coins are beautifully detailed and created with vibrant colors which make them the perfect reflection of your business, organization, group or unit. High in perceived value and used in a variety of areas, these collectible items remain popular decades after they were first created. Thanks to a perfected process that we use, we can expertly craft your challenge coins to your exact specifications in 14 days or less.

Step 1 – Discuss Your Idea

Tell us your ideas for your project and our consultants will help you shape your custom made coin: From advice on the right material to the best border design, the answer to the question of coloration or embossing – or both, a matching odd shape and finally the perfect finish.

You are free with all your decisions, your ideas are not limited, and we make sure you find the right design and price point for what you are seeking to do.

Step 2 – Design & Free Quote

Based on your decisions and your sketches or ready artworks, our designers will create the design for your coin. Normally, you will get a free digital color proof of the design and price quote within 48 hours.

Step 3 – Proof and Approval

We are now waiting for your approval on the project. Of course, you can ask us for changes – we want you to be 100% satisfied. Once you have approved the design, our technical specialists will convert the final design into a technical production graphic. To secure the order on both sides, this must also be approved by you.

If you wish, we can produce a sample, and have it sent to you for a final decision – please ask our consultants on this optional service.

Step 4 – Production

After your final approval, we mill the tools for coinage and start the production. With the use of modern minting technology and highly trained craftsmen, your custom-made coins will be produced at one of our own production facilities.

Step 5 – Additional Quality Inspection

Although all steps of coin production are always monitored and the products are checked, your consultant together with a specialist will proceed a final quality check to make sure you get what we have promised you: custom-made superior quality coins.

Step 6 – Your Custom-Made Coin in Your Hands

From our office, our logistics department will make sure your coins reach you safely and on time. Our specialists take care of customs when we need to ship abroad and we have partnered with the premium courier services to ensure safe and fast delivery to you