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Citroen Coin

Citroen Coin

999 Silver Medals – coronation of a longstanding dream

After having created the first draft of his medal, we knew this project will be of great value for Mr. Kaufmann and his colleagues as the project represents a very special and important period in their lives.
Mr Kaufmann´s and his colleagues worked 23 years, from 1992 to 2015, to rebuild a Citroën Old-timer Roadster Cabriolet. The speciality of the Old-timer as well as the team work should have been celebrated in an extraordinary way and the medals from CoinsforAnything have been THE perfect solution.
The project does exactly show how detailed and accurate CoinsforAnything realizes these kind of requests.

It has been started 23 years ago…

23 medals for 23 people located all around the world, who helped to realise the reconstruction of an Old-timer with active support and very special spares. Now we see that the Citroen, Mr Kaufmann found 23 years ago as a wreck on a field, became a prestigious object.
On the coin reverse we used a special font, called “Castellar”, that looks similar to the fonts used among the Romans. But not only this is an allusion to the past. On the front of the coin the Latin wording REDIVIVA E RVINIS REFLORESCIS GLORIA can be seen. Which means “Risen from a ruin, blooms again the glory”. Therefore, the connection between new and old has been pointed out not only when seeing the car but as well on the medal itself.

More details

The profile of the tyres, the grille, all particulars inside the car are visible on the final medal that has been produced. This is the result of very difficult and detailed work with our graphic department during the production stage.
“We had a lot of conversations and the artwork has been adapted several times to ensure a perfect and very detailed graphic in the end, which could be used for the production of the medal.”, said Mr Egger from the graphics department.
“We have been very happy to start the production after seeing Mr. Kaufmann and our team totally satisfied with the development of the artwork. We really have to point out that it was a pleasure getting to know so much details about the reconstruction of a car.”

Pure silver medals – a dream came true

This project shows in a very special way how much details we can see on the medal and which options we do have to realise special requests.
Based on very personal conversations and meetings the whole project has been a great success for both sides and allowed us to hand over a wonderful and perfect embossed medal

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